Biometric Credit Cards

Feb 15

Biometric ATM and credit cards could appear sooner than you might think. The Monetary Association of Singapore has been working with financial institutions for months now to enhance the security of ATM cards to reduce the risks of magnetic strips currently on credit cards. By installing smart chips in every card, Ms. Ellen Lee of Parliament thinks that requiring...

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More Efficient and Effective Biometric Technology

Feb 07

We would like to think that biometric technology is constantly progressing, but in some ways we would be wrong. Scientists and government officials have gotten lazy, in part because we think that we already have widespread solutions. Government officials have implemented large scale biometric solutions to authenticate identity, enhance national security, and...

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Los Angeles Airport to Use ImageWare Biometric Identity Management and Credential Suite

Jan 30

Announced today, January 30, 2012, the Los Angeles Airport has placed orders for ImageWare Biometric equipment. A leader in multimodal biometric security solutions, this company has provided Biometric software for thousands of major companies and organizations. Representative Jim Miller, ImageWare CEO and Chairman states: ”ImageWare is proud to play a role in...

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Biometric Program Causes Prison Standstill

Jan 19

Every time inmates in HMP Isis in London move from one area of the prison to another, they have to provide a thumb print, which keeps everything in line. But this doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. If just one thumb print fails, the whole system can fall apart. So there is absolutely no room for error, especially with some more dangerous than...

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Biometrics to Replace Passwords

Jan 05

Ever worry that your password is too generic or you don’t know how to remember a password based on all of the requirements many companies are putting in place to try to protect you? Obviously, even if a site requires for example a password that has both letters and numbers, a lot of people might use Password123, which is extremely predictable at best. While not...

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Butt Biometrics: Is Your Butt Really That Unique?

Dec 26

Biometric techniques such as fingerprinting and even eye scans make sense. Those particular organs are usually quite unique to the individual, and we have no reason to think these days that these technologies are not well developed. However, with the butt, weight loss and weight gain can significantly change the size, width, and weight off the butt and the body in...

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Biometrics in the Developing World

Dec 15

While biometrics are generally thought of as expensive and exclusively for developed nations, biometrics are making a big splash in the developing world. Biometic projects are taking way, giving citizens in lower class society a viable chance to become part of economic and social growth in their own country. In countries such as India, approaches like this are...

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